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Ocean Master


Five thousand years of love for the ocean

Oman embodies the true spirit of seafaring. Its strategic location between East and West has helped create an intimate bond between the people of Oman and the ocean. For thousands of years the people of Oman have harnessed and honed seafaring skills that are legendary, enabling their culture to influence and shape trade routes, alliances and transfer of knowledge across the ancient world.

This ancient knowledge and tradition still lives on today in the everyday lives of Oman’s seamen and fishermen. Their love for the ocean is unwavering, their skills and understanding of the sea are unparalleled and their passion is made of the surf, salt and sun.

Oman offers the best sports and competition fishing in the Arabian Peninsula. With the wide-open expanse of the Gulf of Oman offering some of the most fertile waters for big game fishing, it is the perfect adventure for true sports fishing professionals and enthusiasts.

Five thousand years of love for the ocean


Heart of the sea

Barr Al Jissah is born of the sea, its gaze and attention firmly focused on the wide blue ocean, its heart belonging to the endless blue.

For hundreds of years, Barr Al Jissah has been a flourishing haven for both man and nature. Marine animals and birds breed and prosper in the warm waters of the bays and surrounding lagoons Traders have used the sheltering coves for res and respite in between long journeys. Both man and nature are dependent on the richness of the sea, coast and mountains for their well-being and legacy.


Now, a new addition to these completes the story. Al Mina is the latest and final chapter in the Barr Al Jissah story; the marina itself, where journeys begin and voyages end, where gatherings of merchants and families meet to trade goods and tales, and where the pace of Omani life itself is set everyday. Barr Al Jissah Al Mina captures the essence of port living with its very own villas, penthouses, apartments and private yacht club surrounding a 43 berths marina of luxury leisure and fishing yachts for discerning sea lovers.

The thrill of the catch


The Journey Calls

Al Mina is a contemporary lifestyle marina with an authentic Omani soul. It is the newest and most complete chapter in the Barr Al Jissah story. Al Mina captures the essence of Oman’s love of the sea experienced in sublime elegance and grace. It is an understated and finely crafted expression of waterfront life for the truly discerning lovers of the ocean.

At its southern quarter are seven individual private sea-facing villas each with their own private garden and pool at the water’s edge.

At its heart, the 43 berths marina is embraced by six blocks each with its own configuration of apartments and duplexes that are crowned with exceptional penthouses. All enjoy the signature Barr Al Jissah sea views and uninterrupted vistas across the horizon of the Gulf of Oman.

At its entrance, welcoming members and residents, is the Al Mina Yacht Club with its very own private beach and pool as well as a careful selection of a bar, cafés, restaurants and marine leisure services such as boat and diving tours.

The Journey Calls
The Journey Calls

Lining the marina, below the residences, is a public boardwalk that features galleries, cafés, restaurants and fishing shops catering for day visitors, hotel guests, residents and boat owners. The El Fresco style cafés and restaurants evoke a genuine connection with the seafaring heritage of Oman fused with Mediterranean style and elegance.

Annual events include a signature international fishing tournament, art and food festivals, and family-oriented days that make Al Mina a vibrant and eclectic destination all year round. Whilst restricted access to the villas, residences and Al Mina Yacht Club provide equally private and discrete living for Al Mina residents.

Al Mina is the where journeys begin and voyages end, where everyday life is at its most vibrant and where the connection with the sea is a genuine and true embodiment of the destination.

AL MINA The Journey Calls


The thrill of the catch

Barr Al Jissah’s location makes it perfect for big game and sports fishing professionals. Easy access to the best fishing spots across the coastal waters of Muscat ensure an ongoing and dedicated enthusiasm for the sport by some of the most avid professional fishermen.

OCEAN MASTER EXCLUSIVE The thrill of the catch

Big game fish including Tuna, Marlin, Sword Fish, Dorado and Barracuda are abundant across the coastal waters around Barr Al Jissah. Within a couple of hours boat ride, superb fishing spots are available to those that have knowledge
and access. For more serious professionals, further out on the high seas, larger game inspires more exciting adventures.

At Al Mina, a set of the best properties and services have been carefully configured to ensure that a rare few will have lifetime access to all the destination’s services, facilities and opportunities.

Ocean Master Exclusive is the pinnacle membership offered by Barr Al Jissah for its Al Mina signature properties and sports fishing facilities, and services.

OCEAN MASTER EXCLUSIVE The thrill of the catch
OCEAN MASTER EXCLUSIVE The thrill of the catch

Boat owners

Ocean Master Exclusive is an opportunity like no other. Configured specifically for a select and discerning few that want to focus on the enjoyment of their passion and leave nothing else but the thrill of the catch to chance.



Only for the professional

Al Mina features only six penthouses and seven villas. Each of these unique properties is central to accessing the Ocean Master Exclusive membership – a lifetime membership crafted for serious sports fishing enthusiasts and professionals only.

With the purchase of your home, Ocean Master Exclusive offers all the services and facilities required to ensure that every fishing trip is seamless, enjoyable and perfectly executed.

As part of these membership services, Ocean Master Exclusive will handle the logistics, transportation and paperwork for shipping your own fishing yacht from anywhere in the region to Al Mina and back home again
twice a year.

All visas, airport services and permits are handled by the Ocean Master Exclusive team. The setting up and preparation of your yacht every morning is handled by the Ocean Master Exclusive crew of expert pilots, fishermen and seamen.

FOREVER EXCLUSIVE Only for the professional
FOREVER EXCLUSIVE Only for the professional

With Ocean Master Exclusive weekend fishing trips are easy. Dedicated and experienced crew, as well as fully-equipped fishing boats are also available for hire at a day or two notice. All is prepared in advance of your arrival, including your by the Ocean Master Exclusive service staff. All resort facilities are available to you and your family at preferential rates including access to the Shangri La Chi Spa, children’s areas, restaurants, cafés and beach.

This leaves just two things to do: Enjoy the fishing and your home at Al Mina. Everything else is taken care of by Ocean Master Exclusive for the lifetime of your ownership. And, if one day you want to sell your home, we will honour the Ocean Master Exclusive membership to the new owners so that they too may enjoy at Al Mina as you did.

FOREVER EXCLUSIVE Only for the professional


Absolute service

The Al Mina Yacht Club is a private members club for boat and home owners at Barr Al Jissah. Further to handling all the required marina boat operations and services, Al Mina Yacht Club features a crafted selection of distinctive facilities and services including two signature fine dining restaurant, the club bar and terrace, a private beach front, two salt water infinity pools with pool bar, boutique retail, an upgraded international standard dive centre and dedicated car parking for members.

Absolute service

Ocean Master Exclusive members enjoy lifetime preferential rates and access at the Al Mina Yacht Club as well as exclusive App bookings for fishing trips, free access to fishing equipment and free delivery of and guide to using fishing equipment. More importantly, Ocean Master Exclusive boat owners that do not already have berthing can use the marina at preferential rates all year round.

All P.R.O services are included as part of the Ocean Master Exclusive membership with minimal processing charges. Lastly, for the family, Ocean Master Exclusive members have complete access to all three resorts at Barr Al Jissah including Al Husn beach.

CLUB LIVING Absolute service


Exclusive membership in detail

Ground floor Restaurant (GF)* 25% off
Yacht Club Pool and Bar (GF) No entrance fee
Diving Center* 25% off
Yacht Club Marina Operations 25% off
Private Yacht Club / Bar* (FF) No entrance fee and preferential rates on consumables
Shangri-La Hotels Access Paid for Membership (Al Waha, Al Bander & Al Husn Hotel)
Al Mazaar Entertainment Center 30% Discount
Concierge Service** PRO services with minimum charge
Yacht Parking Fees 12% Discount
Mobile App Yes – With Exclusive Services
Mobile App for Booking Fishing Trip Yes – With Exclusive Services
Store of Fishing Equipment*** Free – Without Fees
Guiding & Delivering of Fishing Equipment Guiding & Delivering
International Boat Services**** Yes

*The discount rate may change depending on the operator
**Annual fee
***180 OMR
****Entry permit, custom clearance, shipping services & visa services.

Floor Plan Waterfront Villas

Floor Plan Waterfront Penthouses

Ocean Master Brochure

Ocean Master Brochure
Ocean Master Brochure
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